Good Governance

Who are your stakeholders and
how do you engage with them?

Whether in the boardroom, family office, educational institution or for trustees, good governance practices are constantly evolving, driven by key stakeholders whose expectations and requirements are rapidly changing. Prioritising sustainability is in the ascendance, amplified by social media.

Organisations are taking a fresh look at whether their board and management composition, competence, compensation, succession plans, stakeholder engagement and safeguarding mechanisms are up to the task of delivering on strategy in accountable and transparent ways.

The focus on building sustainable and resilient organisations, through the lens of ESG, requires translating good strategic words into impactful practice, for example through thoughtful use of capital, operations and the wider supply chain.  Data ownership, use and misuse is under the spotlight.  And culture matters.


Charity & not-for-profit governance

Commercial contracts

Corporate governance




Family governance

Regulatory & compliance

Reputation management


Tax planning & risk

Trusts & structuring

Key contacts

Elizabeth Jones

Maria Strauss

Tom Bruce

Alexandra Hollingshead

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