Shaping and protecting
a sustainable future

Sustainability matters

Macro trends of worsening inequalities and climate change - made more acute by Covid disruption - present arguably the most severe economic, environmental, social and governance challenges in decades.

Navigating the complexities of Sustainability and ESG, we help clients thrive over the long term, providing expert advice that supports economic goals while helping to create a positive and responsible social impact.

Whether you come to us as an individual, a family, from business, financial services, educational or not-for-profit organisations, we are here to help you shape and protect a sustainable future.

Future building

Creating tomorrow’s communities and sustainable land management.

Poundbury, Dorchester: Challenging planning assumptions to support the community

Sustainable investment & philanthropy

What will your legacy be?

WWF’s Living Planet Centre: Award winning eco building, funded by philanthropy, legacies and charitable trusts

Good governance

Who are your stakeholders and how do you engage them? Governance with impact, from corporate boardrooms to charities, universities and family offices.

Farrer & Co: Supporting steps towards good governance for 300 years

Social impact

Helping individuals, businesses, charities, schools, universities and other organisations make a difference.

Ocean Bottle: Turning a passion for the environment into a commercial reality

Insights with purpose

ESG and property investors: a view from above

It is becoming increasingly important for investment managers to implement a more creative approach to their investment strategies in order to diversify and incorporate ESG-positive assets into their portfolios. As…

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Featured insights

Five things wealthy families can learn from Lee Man Tat

In 1954, Lee Man Tat joined the oyster cooking sauce business which his grandfather had founded. He died earlier this year, aged 91 and chairman of LKK – a $17…

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The rise and rise of entrepreneurship in family owned businesses

Businesses can often be seen as being traditional in their outlook and old fashioned when embracing new ideas and technology. However, in my experience that reputation is not generally correct.

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Sell up, seize the opportunity: an alternative option for family businesses

Continuity, and passing on the family business to the next generation, is a hallmark of a family business, and in many ways what makes a family business stand out from…

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Investing in FemTech: women, wellbeing and why it’s worth it…

Even in 2021, the fight for women’s rights and a fairer world for everyone continues, and so it’s no surprise that as women’s voices become louder, businesses have been increasingly…

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Succession planning: What the next generation needs

Since 1945, baby boomers have emerged to become the largest and wealthiest generation ever seen in the UK. Many of the group previously identified as the working middle class now…

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ESG and sustainable investment funds: the FCA’s Guiding Principles

Last week the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) published a letter to the chairs of authorised fund managers (AFMs) setting out its expectations on the design, delivery and disclosure of environmental,…

About us

We believe sustainability is about legacy - about ensuring the creation and protection of long term value for current and future stakeholders, and achieving that in a way that is ethical and responsible. Helping you navigate the most material opportunities and risks, our support is:

  • Strategic: legal advice that helps you plan for a sustainable, resilient future
  • Multidisciplinary: a cohesive approach to sustainability and ESG issues
  • Pragmatic: advice on building sustainability principles into your operations and legacy, turning strategy into action
  • Insightful: best practice and perspectives drawn from our work with multiple sectors and client types

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