Charity webinar series: Doing “good” shouldn’t have a downside – getting your ESG strategy right

Investment & philanthropy, Good governance, Social impact

Join our webinar series to understand the legal risks and excel in your investments, people management and communications.

We will provide practical advice in three areas where there has been recent legal or regulatory change, to prevent associated risks escalating.

You’ll hear from our market-leading Charity team, sector specialists from our Financial Services, Employment and Reputation Management teams and external speakers from Cazenove Capital, Maitland Chambers and DRD Partnership (strategic communications).

Webinar 1: Invest responsibly: Butler-Sloss, CC14 and beyond

7 November 2023

Following the case of Butler-Sloss v The Charity Commission for England and Wales [2022], the Charity Commission has revised and updated its investment guidance. What does this mean for charities with investments and trustees making investment decisions?

This webinar will include what is now possible, and what has changed, including how charities can lawfully take account of climate-related considerations when investing.

Webinar 2: Protect and manage your people: how to deal with bullying so it doesn’t derail your governance

21 November 2023
Organisational culture is increasingly important to charity stakeholders. With an upwards trend of workplace bullying cases, and an increase in anonymous reporting of bullying, how can charities prevent issues arising in the first place, and resolve them swiftly in line with legal obligations when they are reported?

Join this webinar and develop practical policies and procedures to prevent bullying claims arising and resolve them swiftly when they are reported.

Webinar 3: Make noise on social media safely: how to be heard and compliant

6 December 2023
Social media and other forms of communication present a wide array of challenges and opportunities to navigate. These are an integral tool for getting charities’ message out there and to reach younger audiences, but there are a range of legal, regulatory and communications considerations that must be taken into account. We will discuss these and provide some strategic thinking to help charities manage today’s fraught environment. Based on recent case studies, we will also focus on the reputational issues that flow when communications go wrong.

Join this webinar to get the social media strategy your charity needs.


See the full programme here.


For more information about this webinar series or to request copies of the materials, contact us.

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